Release 2.3

We are excited to announce that ctcProperty has released and deployed our latest update.

Prospector module

The highlight of the release is our Prospector module, which is an artificial intelligence tool that Agents will use to prospect their database, as a complement to Buyer Intelligence from the previous release. This first version ranks Clients from the Agent database based upon activity and recent interaction, prompting the Agent with the next best person to call. From that call the agent can book an Appraisal, schedule a call back, tag the Client, override the system ranking, and record the timeframe to sell.

Future enhancements to Prospector will include visibility on all Touchpoints, integration with Social Media and Big Data, and the incorporation of Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence platform.

Release 2.3 also includes enhancements to our Sales Trust module, intelligent duplicate checking on Appraisals and Listings, stage 1 of eConveyancing integration, and integration with CoreLogic's BSG3 service.

Existing customers have been upgraded with no system downtime, and our team continue to work on the next release due at the end of June. At the same time, Salesforce are getting ready for the Summer 18 release, with enhancements and improvements that ctcProperty users will be able to take advantage of.

ctcProperty will be at AREC this year, so feel free to drop by and talk to me about your CRM needs.

If you would like a free trial of ctcProperty, please feel free to contact us.