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ctcProperty covers the whole property life cycle. It’s easy to use and boosts your productivity.

Manage the entire listing life cycle with a smooth workflow

We deliver a delightful user experience based on the real estate agent’s workflow. We help you to improve your productivity to sell faster and smarter!


  • Utilises CoreLogic’s extensive database.
  • Access to up-to-date trends of the local property market.
  • Single source of data for agents to build a prospecting plan and their own database of contact and interaction history.

Pipeline management

  • The agent is able to manage the overall process of their pipeline.
  • Gives sales managers visibility on their team’s pipeline and sales performance.
  • Runs reports on buyer, listing and revenue statistics.


  • Intuitive interface which records the details of each property.
  • Enables more accurate estimates of the property value using industry metrics.
  • Prepares the Agency agreement.


  • ctcProperty records every interaction and transaction, allowing the agent to plan and work efficiently.
  • Each listing initiates the Sales Trust process and automatically creates a Trust Ledger which satisfies the legal requirements around Sales Trust Accounting.

Vendor management

  • Creates vendor reports to keep vendors informed throughout the sale process.
  • Improves relationships with vendors to drive repeat business.
  • Ensures agent compliance.

Intelligent Buyer Management

  • Have the Buyers ranked automatically by their activity.
  • Enhance the ranking with agent knowledge.
  • Communicate by email or SMS, and record notes agains the Buyer.
  • Relate Buyers to other listings in one step to increase the likelihood of sales success.

Advertisement management

  • Integrated to major property advertisement portals allowing for real time updates.
  • Buyer queries are automatically saved to the system allowing for prompt response.
  • Automated marketing materials can be sent to the most relevant buyers in the database.

Inspection Management

  • Schedules and manages inspections.
  • Records all attendees and individual buyer preferences.
  • Compares to other listings.
  • Sets reminders to ensure agents chase every lead.

Offer/Auction management

  • Offers are recorded and communicated to vendors.
  • Auctions and bids are recorded for reference.
  • Manages auction results, enabling immediate reporting of significant statistics.

Exchange and settlement

  • Automatically updates advertising costs and agent commission at the close of sale.
  • Facilitates the recording of the Sale Trust management.
  • Upon settlement, the agent will record completion of the listing process, closing the Sales Trust ledger for the transaction.

Sales Trust

  • Compliant Sales Trust module.
  • Manage through the Exchange and Settlement process.
  • Create Cashbook Transactions, and issue receipts.


  • Potential clients can be referred to other agents.
  • High visibility of transaction value for both referrer and referee.
  • Organises and records all referrals.

Client Nurture

  • Manage the relationship with the client over their lifecycle with the Real Estate business.
  • Keep a complete record of Client activity, appraisals, listings, inspections, offers, bids and purchases.
  • Follow up clients with configurable Action Plans.
  • Mine the data for information about clients preferences and needs.
  • Maintain subscriptions to your eDM and Newsletters.

Outbound Call List

  • Create prospecting and marketing call lists.
  • Integrate OFI attendees to Outbound Call List for an efficient Monday morning.
  • Record all call interactions and feedback in the database and schedule follow up.
  • Integrate CTI (Computer telephony integration) for ease of use.