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Why are we unique?


Intelligent Data Sharing

We have solved the perennial challenge in the Real Estate industry that no other CRM can solve. Security & sharing data with the right people is important to us.

  • Keep ownership of your data.
  • Share according to your business rules.
  • Give the user confidence over their data.
  • Enable a single view of a client without duplication.

Buyer Intelligence

Capture and manage every Enquiry, Matched Buyer, and Inspection Attendee in one place with a system generated ranking.

  • Have the Buyers ranked automatically by their activity.
  • Enhance the ranking with agent knowledge.
  • Communicate by email or SMS, and record notes against the Buyer.
  • Relate Buyers to other listings in one step to increase the likelihood of sales success.

Vendor Report Wizard

Our CRM software automates the time-consuming work of vendor reporting so that you can focus on the next important task!

  • A step-by-step wizard to make creating vendor report easy and efficient.
  • Customise the template to keep a consistent brand and image.

Natively Mobile

No need to sync between your desktop and other devices. Utilising Salesforce1, you can conduct your inspections at lightning speed.

  • Using the Salesforce app, your real estate CRM is automatically mobile.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • All your data, all your work, in your hand.
  • Run your inspections from the phone or tablet.

Smart Reports & Dashboard

Customise reports and dashboard, track performance for agents, offices, franchises easily.

  • Packaged reports and dashboards, ready to use.
  • Powerful tools to let you build your own.
  • Configure your own dashboards for the different roles in your organisation.

AppExchange + 3rd Party Integrations

Enriched functionality available through the AppExchange and our integrations.

  • The AppExchange is the world’s leading business app marketplace.
  • Find the customised app to extend your ctcProperty solution.
  • ctcProperty is integrated with other enterprise solutions, giving you access to these applications.

Suitable for all

Scale up when you need to.

  • Our software can meet the needs of individual agents to large franchise groups.
  • ctcProperty can be configured to suit any organisational structure in the industry.
  • ctcProperty provides immense power to the agents, sales managers, office principal, franchise owner and corporate headquarters.